This section provides a description of the Administration segment.

To perform different control actions with the tenant, like: configuration of it, addition of new users, roles etc, you’ll need to go to the Administration segment (Picture 2). 

Picture 2. Administration segment  

A Gateway page is responsible for information about different launched microservices (Picture 3). Such as:

  • URL is responsible for the name of the certain microservice for API appeal;

  • Service shows name of the microservice;

  • Available servers that have internal IP ; 

  • Their ‘Health’, that can be UP or DOWN, 

  • And Tags like: 

  • Profile represents standard parameters which configuration in microservice is chosen;

  • Swagger, to know more about it, please follow:

  • Version is the version of certain microservice; 

  • Current branch shows from what branch service was launched;

  • Hash commits, they are necessary in order to know what version to update; 

  • Time when they were launched.

Picture 3. Gateway page

If you want to refresh gateway you need to hover over wrench and press on the refresh button Picture 4 - Area 1, also if you want to Reload tenant configurationyou can press on the according button Picture 4 - Area 2, or if you want to reload Elasticyou can press on the 3rd button Picture 4 - Area 3.

Picture 4. Refresh button